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Langford 120
19 March - 16 April
Opening Saturday 19 March 2 - 4pm

The Art of Looking


Have you ever looked into the void and felt that something was looking back?


The thing that stares back from this void is often your own self. In the vast silence, the only thing that can be heard is your own mind.  Both beautiful and terrifying, it is a raw and uncensored experience. You are faced with a wholly true view of who you are that can either be accepted or denied.


The act of drawing can be that look into the void. As your hand moves across the paper time appears o stand still and you are left with only your thoughts as company. When viewed, these works can provide the viewer with the opportunity to follow the movement of the artist’s hand, retracing their steps and allowing them to recreate this moment of reflection while also allowing for the viewer to experience their own moment of reflection.


The Act of Looking and The Act of Falling are journeys into the depths of this viewing of the void. As we look into these depths we seem to fall into our own thoughts, meditating on what we see and experience in that moment and connecting with our own identity and purpose.  The Act of Reflecting is a moment of rest and reflection in which this journey can be interpreted.


The Act of Listening is a representation of the sounds of the soul that are projected back during this state of reflection. They are quiet and loud, gentle and harsh, comforting and jarring all at once.


The Act of Thinking is a literal expression of using the knowledge that which we ingest every day that goes into creating who we are to create an art work.


When you are the one staring into the void, what do you see?


Heidi Vanzet


The Act of Looking, 2016

The Act of Looking 1 - 6, 2016

Archival Print

210 x 297 mm each

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